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Text for Page 056 [01-11-1861]

	A Visit to Sullivan�s Island.
  11.  Friday.   Finished a letter, then set
off alone for a visit to Sullivan�s Island,
intending to write an account of the same to the
Post and not wishing to have anybody with me
to identify particulars.   For the Post was frequent-
ly quoted from and alluded to both in the Mer-
cury and Courier and the former republished a
long extract from a letter of mine dated Jan-
uary 3, descriptive of the physique and man-
ners of the South Carolinians.    W. Waud read
it at the breakfast table, involuntarily suspect-
ing its authorship.     At first there were no
confidences between us as to my real business
in Charleston, or at best only implied ones; he
told me subsequently that he supposed me to be
corresponding with the Boston Post � I don�t
know how he got the notion.x  Afterwards, when
circumstances drew us nearer together as com-
panions, I told him the truth, which he kept
secret faithfully enough.       So starting at
11 o�clock, I went aboard.     As I insert the
letter I wrote to the Post subsequently, I need
only add details which in print, might have
compromised my safety.     At Fort Moultrie
I sent in a pencilled request for admission to
Major Ripley, who came to the entrance port
   x He had lived in Boston so long that it probably occurred invol-	
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