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Text for Page 061 [01-11-1861]

	Here and There.
elderly officer, when I strolled about at my
leisure.    On the verge of the ramparts, looking
towards Sumter, a sentinel � a very young fellow-
challenged my advance, but an intimation that
I had just parted from Ripley afforded me an
unobstructed passage.    Half an hour satisfied
my curiosity.       I interchanged a remark or two
with a raw lad of eighteen or twenty, from New
Orleans, who wore the Louisianian secession badge,
the button in the centre displaying a pelican feeding
her young.           Returned to Charleston by 3
o�clock of a sultry afternoon.           After dinner
in my room awhile, writing.             Out to the Express
office, sketching caricatures &c in company with
Lindsay, Woodward and others.    W. Waud came.
To the telegraph office, Lavine and other drop-
pers in there, anon Carlyle.     With him to the
Courier sanctum, reading, loafing, looking at ex-
changes.     Returned to hotel, young Mitchel
there.        Among the loungers populating the hall
there was a drunken Edgefield man, roughly
dressed, wandering to and fro, addressing stran-
gers indiscriminately, of course on Secession and
the glory of being a South Carolinian.      The locality
this man came from seems to possess a notoriety               
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