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Text for Page 063 [01-11-1861]

	An Edgefield Man.
it was an Edgefield man who similarly drunk
in the same place, was talking of his son; �He
cut a man�s throat the other day, down on the
island,� said he, �I don�t know where he gets
his bravery from; must be on his mother�s side,
I reckon; there ain�t much on the other.�  �Pretty
good stock either side, I fancy� said the
clerk, a New Yorker, willing to propitiate the brute.
  A rere-supper with others; more loafing in
and out of bar-room, drinking with Mixer
junior and W. Waud.      The latter in my
room for half an hour, talking of things in 
general.  To bed by midnight.
  12.  Saturday.   To Express office.   Talk
of the Brooklyn U. S. steamer being outside
the harbour.    Lindsay, Woodward and others
present.     Carlyle came.    With him to Courier
office looking in at gun-smith�s by the way, at
Derringer pistols, Toledo dirks &c.    Reading
papers at the office.         Met Kynaston outside;
with him to his store, bought a hundred cigars,
to hotel.       In doors all the afternoon and till 
near 9 P. M.  writing the preceding letter to the Post,
then out to mail it.       My nocturnal journeys
for this purpose were curious.      I always wrote
on steadily until within fifteen or twenty minutes               
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