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Text for Page 065 [01-12-1861]

of the closing of the mail at 9 o�clock, getting
a quarter of an hour�s warning from the chimes
of St. Michael�s church, which play until the striking
of 9, to bid all negroes, unless provided with a pass,
home.  Charleston is such an old-fashioned city
that Carlyle assured me that many of the inhabi-
tants go to bed at that primitive hour.   Fif-
teen minutes afforded me ample time to reach the
post-office, I have done it twice or thrice in a
crisis, by a swift run, in five.           I always in-
closed my letters (generally consisting of six
pages of thin French letter-paper, such as is used
for transatlantic correspondence,) in two envelopes,
the inner directed simply to �Edgar Bolton Esq,�
the outer to C. E. Miller, a young lawyer having
an office in the same building as the �Evening Post�
office, which, being a corner house, with two num-
bers, I used the Liberty not the Nassau Street
one in directing my letter, for the latter is a
well-known newspaper street and this particular
number appeared on every copy of the �Post� pub-
lished, just under its title, hence it might have
exposed my letters to suspicion.     Hastily
sealing my epistle, then, I would hurry through
the long corridors of the hotel, down its four story
staircase and into the crowded hall, all reso-               
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