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Text for Page 134 [07-10-1851]

              tinguished as ^|forming| an additional attraction to musquitoes. What a drearily, queerly 
sed night it was. But two slept, Roberts & another; I not a wink. For
not one could move but he overlaid the other; some heaved arms about like in-
sane windmills, others groaned and damned the pitiless musquitoes, and as a foot�s
space intervened tween canvass and ground, wet grass margined us all round. I
growled enow, sate up and made �em all grin by quaint impressions of misery. How
the musquitoes did bite, and how long the night was in passing! Blankets were
unendurable; once I made a sortie outside, and should have found a pleasanter
couch on a big square stone, light rain drove me in.  At length streaks of grey
  11. Friday.  haze checquered the eastern horizon, (I think I did doze here),
birds sang out, it grew lighter & morning broke at about the hour of four. Up
I was, laving my bitten phizog in the salt water, and ere long others stirring also.
Dressing, putting on what little we had ta�en off.  My goodly wide brimmer having
been thrust out of covert by some hapless night struggler, had become a pitiably-
laughable spectacle.     Fellows stirring about the boat.   I made a fire. Joe
Butler chasing cow, holding out a tin can, the animals owner close by and telling
Roberts [unclear word] that �he didn�t won�t no G_d_d fellers to milk his cow.�   
gotten, coffee, ham & bread & butter, and then preparations for further cruising.
I bidding them farewell, anticipating more  wet encampings might occur.   Saw them
start, then coasted the rock studded shore, and a mile passed, the �Columbia�
came ploughing up the broad stream, where upon I embarked, and less than an
hour saw me in New York.   Crossed to Brooklyn, another hat-buying; to Wash-
ington Street, and a sleep till 1.   Dined, dressed & to the Atlantic Street
dock and crossed to Governors Island with books for Creesey &c.   There, in
company with Barth the rest of the day, and night.     Talk of school-days
and juvenile escapades, of old Guthrie, of feuds with the �Pennywinks� & other
schools, of �Civilization� plots &c.       One anecdote (long forgotten by me)  I
must chronicle.   A certain boy yclept Tiffin came to the School. Now his parent               
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