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Text for Page 069 [01-12-1861]

	The �Courier� Sanctum.
the ridges of the adjacent houses.   They are a very
repulsive, noisome bird, like a filthy plebeian
vulture, abominably tame, insomuch that they
infest the roadway like diabolical fowls, pick-
ing up what carrion they find.       It is quite an
Algerine feature in Charleston.         Gaining the
Custom-House, which is also the post-office (a
battered, Queen Anne-looking building, from
the vault of which Hayne � a saint in the South 
Carolinian revolutionary calendar � was led forth
to be shot by Lord Rawdon�s order) I gene-
rally managed to mail my letter within a few
minutes of St. Michael�s chimes banging out the
hour of nine.        Then, I generally loafed up-
stairs into the sanctum of the �Courier� Office,
to find Carlyle or Bird at their editorial desks,
or both or neither; to talk and look at the
latest arrived New York papers, being especially
alive to the chance of seeing a copy of the �Post.�
I used to hunt among the exchanges littering the
floor for it, both in Carlyle�s and the upper
sanctum, being most curious about it and the
�Tribune,� which was always in demand among
the frequenters of the place, for neither paper
could be purchased in or safely mailed to any
private citizen in Charleston.          In these noc-               
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