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Text for Page 070 [01-12-1861]

	A queer Temptation.
turnal posting expeditions an absurd temp-
tation after beset me.        There was, adjacent
to the Custom-house, a clumsy old Spanish
cannon, which had been dubbed Old Secession,
in consequence of its having been fired in celebra-
tion of the 20th of December´┐Żs doings.    Now I
was immensely tempted to spike Old Secession
and if I could have procured a rat-tailed file
or a good long nail, I veritably believe I should
have done it.    The common stood all alone, often
on a wet, black night, a blow with a stone
would have done it effectually.   There would have
been such a devil of a row about it on discovery,
talk of traitors in the camp and what not and
it would have made a capital item in a letter.
This Old Secession was always fired in celebra-
tion of any event considered favorably to the
Southern cause, as the secession of another state.
I was certainly not actuated by any special en-
mity to the dominant idea or sympathy for the
other side, the temptation was simply from the
absurdity and risk.         Akin to it was one which,
like that which beset the fellow who wanted to
ostracize Aristides, prompted me to announce
my real business in Charleston amid all the
throng at the hotel or to hurrah for Lincoln.               
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