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Text for Page 071 [01-12-1861]

	       About Charleston.
Of course I yielded to no such asinine prompting,
but I felt it, for all that.                  This particu-
lar Saturday evening (from which I have digres-
sed) the town was very quiet, the Courier
office (editorial) shut up.     But I found Car-
lyle and Coste at the Telegraph office and walk-
ed up to the Mills House with them, anon to the
Charleston, where we supped, loafed and then
went to the Plantation House.     Returning I got
to bed and a read at Hood�s biography, by his
children, which I had borrowed from Carlyle,
by half past eleven.
  13.  Sunday.   Gossipping with W. Waud,
Mordecai and another in the thronged hall, anon
with the former for a walk looking in at
the Express office on our way and finding Lind-
say and Woodward there.       To the Battery.   A
row of cannon on the esplanade.   A stroll about
the city, involving a visit to an Artesian well,
until 12 � P. M.      Dinner; then together to the
Express Office again, Woodward, Lindsay and
others being there.     Talk about a man whom we
all knew as the keeper of a certain Patent Agency
office on Meeting Street, appropriately named W.
E. Dodge � probably I have alluded to him before
in these pages.    This fellow, a Northern man,               
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