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Text for Page 072 [01-13-1861]

	A Northern �Dough-Face.�
of over a years residence in Charleston, had be-
come prominent during Convention time, last spring,
by his officious courtesey to the press representatives;
I believe he devoted a room in the rear of his
store to their accommodation; it was known as
the �head-quarters.�        He affected ultra-Southern
sentiments and when I was first introduced to him,
I thought him the most odious Charlestonian I
had encountered.   Just before the passage of the
ordinance of Secession, he presented Keitt with a
rifled cane and was duly glorified in conse-
quence in one of foolish Frank Wood�s letters to
the World.         Dodge sold cockades, Yankee inven-
tions, anything to turn a penny by.     He was a
member of an artillery company, affected a glazed
French cap with crossed gilt cannon on it and I
remember on Wood and my dropping in upon him
and inviting him out to drink, I think aft on
the day of the discovery of Anderson�s occupation
of Fort Sumter, he assumed the rampantly belli-
gerent.  �No by G_d, he was going to wait there
under order! he might be wanted!�         Well, this
fellow, some time back had got property of some
Northern man�s, in the shape of some patent ar-
ticle, to the amount of $100 or $200, and wish-
ing to defraud, denounced his creditor to the Vigi-               
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