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Text for Page 075 [01-13-1861]

           An English Couple in Charleston.
a low coke fire which he made up out of compli-
ment to me and produced cigars, gin and whis-
key.      His wife and boy were out at church.
A rather prettyish colored girl waited carelessly
on us; she was a slave, hired from her owner,
his employer.    He was a good, civil middle class
Englishman was Kynaston, a little of the bag-
man order; I think he came from Birmingham
and I know he dropped his H�s.    His wife ap-
peared in the shape of a woman much younger
than himself, rather gaily attired, but speaking
little.     She didn�t like the South very much nor
any place so well as England.       Kynaston spoke
of the liberality of his employers and thought Sla-
very right.     He told me he had seen a man tar-
red and feathered and ridden on a rail in front
of the Charleston Hotel, for saying he would have
voted for Lincoln.      The papers had nothing about
it, he said.     (I think he was mistaken there
as I remember reading something of it in New
York.)       I supped and stayed till 7, returning
through the wet, black, blustrous night, with a
lot of sample tobacco and a bottle of exceedingly
good Bourbon whiskey which the friendly Kynas-
ton had given to me.              Wrote a letter to Ha-
ney before going to bed.               
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