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Text for Page 076 [01-14-1861]

              Pistol and Rifle Practice.
  14. Monday.   Another drizzly morning.
To the Express Office; Lindsay there and
others, anon W. Waud came.    To the Post-of-
fice and �Courier� sanctum, returning to hotel by
12 �.    In doors, writing a letter to the �Post� all
the afternoon and part of the evening.   Then down
town to mail it, returning to Express Office.
W. Waud, Lindsay and others there; Carlyle
came.      To hotel and supper by 10 and to bed
and book half an hour later.
  15.  Tuesday.  To Express and �Courier� offices,
looking over papers at the latter.  Returning to
the former, stayed impatiently with W. Waud
until near 2 P. M., when most of a proposed
party having assembled, consisting of ourselves,
Captain Coste, Woodward, Lindsay and ano-
ther, we took a fifteen minutes� ride to the
outskirts of the city, in one of the long, open
Express wagons.     There arriving at a long
pier, adjacent to a saw-mill, kept by hearty
Morris aforementioned, we did some pistol-
and rifle-practice, principally with Lindsay�s
weapons, our marks being, first a log in the
water, anon a bit of paper, stuck upon palings.
Coste, who besides the handsome revolver presented
to him by Lindsay, had an old Dean and               
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