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Text for Page 077 [01-15-1861]

                Rudimentary Oyster-Eating.
Howard revolver with one burst barrel or cham-
ber, plugged up with a bullet, bragged of hitting
the mark or coming near it each time, palpably
lying.    An unpleasant style of human terrier
was Coste, conceited withal.    There was a �Vol-
canic repeating rifle� tried, and W. Waud and
I used our revolvers.        I made the best target-
shot, I suppose accidentally.      We had champagne
at the saw-ill afterwards, in a sort of loft,
Morris and his hearty associate being very jolly and
hospitable.      They gave Woodward a lot of oysters
to take back with him, and he and Coste occu-
pied themselves in opening them with their knives
and eating them, on our progress homewards.   Coste
left us on the way.          It was a cool, sunny af-
ternon; we returned to the Express Office by
5.      W. Waud and I supped together at the
  16.  Wednesday.   To Express Office, as usual.
A ramble up-town in the direction of the citadel
and thereabouts.   Return to hotel; dinner; wri-
ting all the afternoon; W. Waud up awhile.
Out to mail at 8 �, returning to Express
office.   Fellows diceing and raffling for revolvers;
lost a dollar or so at it myself, not much.       W.
Waud and Carlyle there.      Stayed till 10 �,               
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