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Text for Page 079 [01-17-1861]

	A Letter from Hannah.
W. Waud, Gonzalez, Carlyle and a French
drill master all entered one of the Express
wagons and bowled off through the town, talking
and singing, till we reached the �Schutzen platz,�
where we found old Coste, as appointed, and
practised firing with the Maynard and Warner
rifle and our revolvers till dusk.    Returning,
some of us went to the theatre and drank at
Marchant�s invitation, anon to the hotel and
supper.    I loafed awhile with Marchant in the
hall then together to the Express Office.  To bed
pretty early.
  18.  Friday.   Not well.   A letter from Bowery-
em enclosing one from England, from Hannah.
The latter, written on the twenty-sixth of Decem-
ber, had a happy new year�s greeting written
within its envelope.   It told of Christmas in peace-
ful blessed England, of the dear old village church
of Chacombe, decked with holly and ivy and box
�from our garden hedge� that I know so well;
of Hannah in her pew, alone, thinking and praying
for me; of the kind family group in the old
parlor, �little Polly,� (Charlotte�s child) in the centre
�playing with her doll;� of Hannah alone in an
easy chair by the fire when the rest had gone to
bed still thinking of me � and more.         Of a visit               
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