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Text for Page 080 [01-18-1861]

	Charles�s Chigwell Home
of Hannah�s to Chigwell, where she stayed three
weeks, remaining another three weeks in London.
With her went a servant-girl, from Neithrop.  Char-
ley and Naomi met them at the station, the latter
coming for a parcel.   Here�s Hannah�s picture
of Charley�s house: �A villa-gate, an iron gate and
grass plot in front, a white stone porch.  x  x  Two
fair-sized rooms with folding doors, light wall-
paper, nearly covered with Charley�s loved pictures;
small-patterned green carpet, of the best quality;
walnut-wood chairs, six small and two easy,
a pretty couch covered with crimson plush, crim-
son curtains and table covers.   x  x  Large pier-
glasses, nearly alike, over two mantel pieces.  x  x
Front drawing-room has a large window, the
back opens into garden; cane chairs in that
room, a recess on each side of fire-place, cup-
boards beneath, filled with ornaments in china
and glass.            So that when the folding-doors
are opened and the sun shines in, the rooms look
very nice indeed.    Edwin bought the chair frames
and stuffed them for Charley;  x  x  made the
spring mattrasses;  x  x  owns contents of one
room.     A vegetable garden in which Charley works
when he can; pretty views all round, Hainault
forest edging the horizon, houses, trees and fields               
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