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Text for Page 082 [01-18-1861]

	New York Rumor about
Rodney Buildings and writes of my mother as
only one good earnest-hearted woman can of ano-
ther.          My letter did reach Hannah, as I con-
jectured at Chigwell, �no one knew of it.�
  Boweryem�s letter told me that he had expected
to have been in Georgia, on an advertisement col-
lecting expedition for a projected paper, in antici- 
pation of which a previous epistle from the little
man had informed me that he had devised an
elaborate fiction for the conservation of his safety �
setting forth the ruin of his family by West In-
dian emancipation! &c.      My letters to Haney
and �Bolton,� Boweryem stated, had been violated,
opened and clumsily re-sealed.    On Sunday last,
Shepherd appeared at 132 Bleecker, �asking
questions and disseminating rumors� � was I in
Charleston or not? � did Mrs Boley know
of my being tarred and feathered and ridden
on a rail, my head shaved &c?        Boweryem
was absent; this was reported to him by the board-
ers.    He met Banks, who confirmed the story
�all the fellows at Mataran�s were talking of it
� he had just left them.�    At Mataran�s Bowery-
em met found Gaylor lunching with Wilkins �
summoned him from the table, told him he was
�authoritatively able� to deny the rumor, begged               
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