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Text for Page 083 [01-18-1861]

             My being Tarred and Feathered!
him to prevent Wilkins paragraphing it (which it
doesn�t appear as certain that he intended doing.)
Gaylor �assumed an air of brutal indifference about
it, as though implying that the maltreatment was
a small matter, particularly in my case.
However he promised to deny it.�  Boweryem then
�went in search of Shepherd.   He said that Chilton
his brother-in-law had told him on Saturday what
he had repeated on Sunday.�     Half a page
of the letter is devoted to talk of the excitement
of the north about secession � �people are quite
reconciled to the idea of civil war,� writes Bowery-
em.                  The cock-and-bull story about myself
exasperated me not a little, as had it got into the 
New York papers it must have directed suspicion
to me in Charleston, frustrating my secret business
there.     Hence I felt grateful to my little friend
for squelching it, though I divined that he fussed
over it rather gratuitously.      Of course I did not
know whom to attribute the lie to, and it must have
had some origin.       Writing now (in May) I may
state to the best of my conviction, that it had its
birth in the artists room of the N.Y. Illustrated News,
and its paternity may be fairly divided between
Mr Alfred Waud and Mr Solomon Eytinge.    They
saw my name in the list of passengers by the Ma-               
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