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Text for Page 084 [01-18-1861]

	Will Waud warned.
rion and their habit of brutal jesting
did the rest.  The thing was probably started as
a joke and the wish being father to the thought,
the jest was relished so eagerly that they must needs
propogate it.       Chilton, to whom it is traced, is
the little �doctor,� whom I used to meet at Mrs
Jewells and retains intimacy with that family,
who doubtless got the story from Waud or his
�wife,� as Chilton got it from them.                A
walk out; to the Express Office.     W. Waud
came.    Communicating the tar and feather hoax
to him, he told me how he had last night received
a warning from a friend, that he, W. Waud,
was suspected by certain fellows, of being there
for purposes inimical to Charlestonians.      And
this friend advised Will, to by no means stray
abroad at night into strange bar rooms.      Will
was apprehensive and irritated about the circum-
stance and resolved to adopt the advice.   We went
to King Street together, to a photographers or
two, where I purchased the views of Charleston
localities ornamenting this book.     Returning
to the hotel, feeling rather indisposed, I wrote
letters to Haney and to Boweryem.     A wet
evening.  To the Express Office with W. Waud,
then together to that of the Mercury and up into               
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