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Text for Page 085 [01-18-1861]

      We are prevented going to James� Island.
its editorial rooms.     Talking there with one of
the editors, quoth he �If ever you see a particular-
ly big palmetto flag out, you may be sure its
displayed by a Northern man!� which my obser-
vation corobborated.      I went alone to the Courier
office afterwards, read awhile among the exchange-
es, presently turning out with Carlyle into the
black, rainy night.    He would have me go to King
Street with him to a place where was some par-
ticularly good brandy or whiskey, but the place
was shut up, so we went to the hotel and by 11
I got to bed.
  19.  Saturday.  To the Express Office with W.
Waud, then down-town together to a wharf not far
from the Battery, witnessing the embarkation of a
company of Moultrie Guards, for James Island.
We wanted to go thither to, Waud to sketch, I
to collect material for a companion letter to my
Sullivan�s Island one, but though Waud knew
one of the company, we found our object unattain-
able.       There was a very cocky Quartermaster who
almost snubbed us and then apologized for it.
So we adjourned to the Battery, loafed awhile
and W. Waud made a bit of a sketch of the
schooner Aiken which lay in the stream.    From
thence returning East Bay-wards we ascended               
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