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Text for Page 087 [01-20-1861]

	A Southern Senator

[photograph of the interior of a church]

but the intention proved a square of hell�s pave-
ment.    In doors drawing, a sketch of the in-
terior of Fort Moultrie, for transmission to the
Illustrated London News.  Waud in his room,
drawing also, in the afternoon.      At 8 P. M. de-
scended, met Major Ripley down stairs amidst
the crowd, had a talk with him, showed him
drawing.   To Courier Office; returned to hotel
with Carlyle and Lindsay.     Joined by W. Waud
at supper.        In the hall afterwards, Carlyle in-
troduced first me, then the others to a certain
Senator Allen from Barnwell.    He was a jolly,
portly, old boy whose name figured extensively, every               
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