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Text for Page 136 [07-13-1851]

              and again return, (if of no great thought or education,) go back quite Anti Republican. / 
I got back to Washington Street, found the folks all in converse. /  I think the greatest
snob not unfrequently lionizes most �mong common place people, unless we book 
readers care to cut
him out in a cool way, Now here�s our comic man Keating, � he�s a good humored
fellow, has a smattering of information, & that�s all; selects White as his butt, who
has more sense & earnestness by far than he.     Dismal creatures these �funny men�, as
are all who must be shining.                    I miss Alf Waud extremely.
  14 Monday.  Drawing the �Monkey picture� on wood all the morning &c.  Evening
to New York, purchasing the current number of Gleason, with my �Castle William�
drawing in it.     To Mr Greatbatchs, & there all the evening. No letters either
from home, or Alf Waud.
  15. Tuesday. To New York.  Passing by Strongs was called in, with him mutually
to condemn the result of an Engravers labours on the �Running with Machine�.  The 
wretch had actually flayed my drawing; inasmuch that Strong would�nt use the block nor
would I have him to.   Engraver (Knight) was his name did�nt get paid, & intimated 
intention of going to Boston, there to offer his valuable services to Gleason.   /   Posted 
for Alf & newspapers. Then making a drawing of block of houses in Broadway, to the
interest of pedestrians.  While thus engaged was accosted by Ben Haun, who told me
that he was that day going off down east for his health.   Back, and at Brooklyn
during the remainder of the day.
  16. Wednesday.  Ill all day, bile &c, emetic taking, vomiting and in pain all
the time, unable to do anything.  Folks very kind about me, in special the good temper-
ed wife of the man in next room. ^|Mrs Dunsier| Born in Maine, with a good tempered 
�Bermodha� born hus-band.
  17. Thursday.  Drawing till sunset, and so little content with the result, that I then
obliterated all, to commence again.     To Mulberry Street. Still no letters.  Out with
Joe & the boys to Moreys.  There, invited to brandy and water-imbibition by him, in
conjunction with two other arrivals, one of whom was full of a recent encounter with an
Irish carman, in which he had been victor.  Morey playing fiddle, sitting on a bed               
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