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Text for Page 088 [01-20-1861]

                Senatorial and Other Talk.
day in the columns of the Courier and Mercury,
in the reports of the legislature proceedings.  I think
he generally adopted the role of a Carolinian
Joseph Hume.       I had remarked him at the
dinner table previously.   Once I happened to
sit at a side table where all the other persons
were known to him.   He ordered a bottle of brandy
and, sending it round, bade the waiter, who atten-
ded on him with the respect and deference al-
ways accorded to negroes to wealth and posi-
tion, pass it to me.        He told stories too of
fishing, hunting and pic-nicking up at his place
on the river and appeared, generally, a South
Carolinian magnate.    He must needs have us
go up into his room to try some special brandy
and cigars, which we did, all four of us.
It was a spacious room, up only one flight of
stairs, consequently very expensive, and notwith-
standing the humidity of the night a large fire
blazed in the capacious grate.    We talked pistols,
the N.Y. Tribune and Herald, Secession and
Slavery, the last topic, of course, proving the
Aaron�s rod of the others.   Carlyle waxed elo-
quent and enthusiastic on the subject and stand-
ing erect talked his strongest, saying that he
had been praying for twenty-years for what had               
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