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Text for Page 089 [01-20-1861]

	Stedman�s Baseness.
recently happened.  �There�ll be no fighting,� he
said; �not one drop of blood will be shed and
we shall be the best friends in the world when we
have seperated!�      Subsequently Allen told him
that if he�d get a reporter to take down his
(Carlyle�s) talk, he�d make the �Courier� a livelier
paper than it was � which was pertinent.        I
stayed till 1 A. M. and then went to bed, Lind-
say retiring with me up stairs, as he had to start
for Savannah on the morrow.
  21.  Monday.  Letters from Boweryem and
Haney, the former relating a certain proposition of
Stedman�s to him, �something of importance to him-
self: He told me he must move, his wife could
not get along with a young lady, daughter of the
boarding house keeper and that he should consequent-
ly get a place for her (his wife) and the children
to board in.     For himself, he was in want of a
room near Broadway � would I find him one?
I named a building where furnished rooms are
to be had.  Well � that was not exactly what he
wanted � or rather not all he wanted of me.      He
would pay the rent; would I occupy it?       I could
not see his meaning.   Well, the fact was, a land-
lady finding a room occupied only occasionally might
suspect � Oh! said I, what do you want it               
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