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Text for Page 090 [01-21-1861]

    He wants Boweryem to become his Pander.
for.  To write or what else?   Well he would
not want exclusive possession of the place � once
or perhaps twice a week all night � giving me
due notice.     Did I not comprehend?    At other
times I might have it rent free.�           Boweryem
did comprehend, and rejected the honorable
office of pimp, remonstrating with the proposer
in a manner that did the little man honor.
�You complain of straitened means,� he said,
�you show me your list of debts, yet here you
are entering upon a course of intrigue that will
sooner or later wreck you, disgrace you, blast
the happiness of your good, loving wife, break her
heart and ruin your children.�              Stedman
�falterd, laughed deceitfully and rallied me
on my strait-laced morality.�     Boweryem left
him indignant and disgusted, �almost hysteri-
cal� at the baseness of the proposition, and �solemn-
ly pledges himself to exact retribution� on the adul-
terer; adding, �In the dreadful trouble that his
impending over that good lady (Mrs. Stedman)
I will, please God, constitute myself her nearest
friend and my testimony shall crush him in the
proper time and place.�        The girl in question
is a Miss Anna Dunn, �a type of the smart
young American lady, who writes, argues, plays               
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