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Text for Page 091 [01-21-1861]

             Gun married: Bill Rogers burnt out.
the piano and coquets with more than average
ability.   She is no chicken � 21 years old � and
two years ago was under an engagement to be mar-
ried.�   Boweryem got this precious proposal
in the editorial office of the pious �World� and
asked my advice on the subject.       He also
encloses a printed announcement of Bob Gun�s
marriage from a London newspaper:

[newspaper clipping]
  On the 26th inst., at St. Pancras Church, Mr. Robert Gun,
late of New York, to Bertha Frances Blake Bourne [unknown word] of
Henry Blake Bourne, Esq. of Lymebury Lodge, Blackheath.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
  Of boarding-house items I learn that Mrs. Bo-
ley expels the Kinnes for non-payment and that
our ex-resident, Shepherd, �is dreadfully dilapi-
dated in health and appearance, drinks hard
and is going the way of all Bohemia.�    Haney�s
letter is brief; mentions that F. Wood �is said
to be making considerable capital of his Charles-
ton experiences, selling a letter or so to the �Herald�
; the death of the �Saturday Press,� that  Mrs. W.
Leslie has a daughter born unto her; that Damo-
reau �protests he has sunk into hopeless respecta-
bility,� and lives at Newark.      �Of domestic
itelligence� Haney adds ��what the devil is this
I am writing? � I mean relating to 745 Broad-
way, I have a very distressing item � Bill
Rogers was burnt out of house and home at               
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