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Text for Page 092 [01-21-1861]

           I tell Boweryem to �go ahead.�
Rochester on Monday night, I think, the fa-
mily barely escaping in their night clothes � this
is bad for Mrs R., who is not well and I am
afraid the insurance is small.�              Out to
the Courier Office, Bird and Kennedy there.  Re-
turning up town met my cabin chum Speck,
in uniform of the Richland Rifles, a Columbia
company quartered on Sullivan�s Island.  Drank
with him, met W. Waud, � a proposition that
we should visit the company.    To my room;
writing a letter to the Post till a quarter to 9,
W. Waud being in for an hour during the after-
noon.     Down town secretly, as usual, through
the rain, the puddles and the black bye-streets,
anon returning, in the sitting room of the hotel
amid the loungers commenced a letter to Bow-
eryem, in which I gave him the best advice
I could relative to Stedman�s proposition.   I
told him to be prepared for any mischief
that Stedman could do him in any case, for
the refusal to be his accomplice would incite sus-
picion and dislike, that nevertheless if he (Bower-
yem) were willing to brave this and hopeful of
helping the injured wife � with a reasonable chance
of effecting it � to do so, as individually I believ-
ed in helping Providence by hunting down scoun-               
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