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Text for Page 093 [01-21-1861]

           Letter-Writing and Miscellaneous.
drels.            When I last visited Stedman, I re-
member he proffered me an introduction to this Miss
Dunn, commending her as an eligible wife for me!
I always distrusted the fellow�s masterful ways,
and suspected that he bullied his fair, kindly,
innocent wife.          At supper found Carlyle
and was introduced to Colonel Dunnovant.    At
the bar with the former.     W. Waud about.   To
room by 11, finished letter to Boweryem, and
to bed by 1 �.
  22.  Tuesday.   A wet day.  To Express Office;
returning wrote to Haney and to my brother Char-
ley, a brief note, stating my whereabouts, bidding
him still keep them secret from my mother &c.
Down town by 1, an hour alone in the Courier
sanctum.   Return to dinner.     In doors with a
fire in my chamber (an exceptional occurrence of
late) all the rest of the day and possibly evening.
  23.  Wednesday.   Ceaseless rain all day.   In
doors writing to the Post and in the evening
to Eliza Edwards as I had sent her rather a 
scanty letter before.   Going down stairs to post
the first, risking the mail-box on the hotel counter,
I got a letter from Bellew, enclosed hither by
Boweryem.    Like all of his it was short, gave
me two note pages of kindly meant and shrewd               
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