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Text for Page 094 [01-23-1861]

        Bellew�s English Doings & Expectations.
advice about adopting outline as a spe-
cialty to get over the prejudice against my drawing
&c; told me that he had had cuts in Punch
(which I knew), that he was a member of the
Arundel Club, which includes Sala, Bridge-
man, young Talfourd, Palgrave Simpson, Julian
Porth, John O�Connell, and others.    � I still
find England a delightful place� write Bellew,
�barring the climate and certain peculiarities of
the people.  x  x  I hope to settle down here comfort-
ably.  x  I trust to be able to run over in the spring
with the 7th Regiment � you know we are trying
to get the Volunteers to invite them over.  x  x  I
hope to welcome you someday to this side of 
the water and see you fighting the British pub-
lisher in his own den.�            W. Waud was
drawing in his room all this day or nearly so,
and we sat together smoking and talking until
an hour past midnight, getting friendly and
confidential.    We remarked on the contrast
between our present surroundings and those
under which we first became acquainted, thirteen
years ago in Hanover Street, Hanover square
London, he a hobble-de-hoy fresh from the Somer-
set House drawing school, I an architec-
tural draughtsman of 22; then of Bleecker               
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