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Text for Page 095 [01-23-1861]

           Will Waud becomes Confidential.
Street in Levison�s life time and all that occur-
red there.   And Will spoke of intentions which
he will hardly carry into effect of returning to
England, and of his marriage.      Of course he
didn�t allude to what preceded it, but he talked
half apologetically to himself about it, as though
desirous of persuading himself that it wasn�t such
a bad thing to have done, after all.       He intima-
ted that previous to it he had been living very fast
in Boston, risking getting into a state of dange-
rous infatuation about a woman of unquestionably
questionable character � the which I should hard-
ly have suspected him of, his selfishness being
rather of the cool order than the reverse.   Well,
now, he said, he had married a very young girl,
who didn�t know much, but she did believe in him
and was very fond of him.        He was especially
down upon eastern women, declaring that they
nine-tenths of them resented the responsibilities of
maternity, adopting odious means to prevent them.
Altogether Bill appeared by no means at ease
with himself; desirous of making out as favorable
a case as possible.           There was an undercurrent
of implied assertion of Stephen Blackpool�s verdict
on Life �It�s all a Muddle,� which indicated a mind
not too much at ease with itself or its surroundings.               
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