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Text for Page 033 [09-23-1849]

              New York with Wing & Joe.	  Battery. The Park. Sherry-
cobbler and to Jersey.
  24. Monday.   Morning, afternoon, � drawing.   A letter from
Miss C E Beecher � the Hartford authoress, relative to the book of
hers.   Going to the Post Office in the Evening, found a letter there
from Heylyn, dated August the 23rd.   Wrote him an answer.
  25. Tuesday.   Drawing till Evening.   Joe off for Connecticut
in the afternoon.   Evening looked in at the Temperance Hall.  Subsequently
a walk up and about Pavonia with Ben Haun, his brother John, and divers
of the �Apollo association�, � all of �em singing nigger songs, and howling, alternately.
  26. Wednesday.  To New York, posted letter and drawing for Sartain, Phila.
Then a call or so in Nassau. Mr. Roberts at the American Tract Society. Got
a cheering and instructive account of the piety and evaporation of a small girl to illus-
trate for him.   Back to Jersey.    In the afternoon in came Heylyn (en bon
point and whiskerless.)   Thinks of architecturalizing.   Drawing with him, Wing
and Brinsley.  He left at 6.  With Wing over to Peale�s Hotel, where he Heylyn was
stopping at, and all three to the �National.�	   The adelphi farce of �Slasher and
Crasher�, another piece and a terrific melo-drame with a ghost and murder
in it, altogether smelling strong of the �Royal Vic and Miss Vincent.�   During
the pieces went into the Saloon to drink.   �B�hoys�, harlots and harlotry.
Left Heylyn at his place and walked home. Rainy night.
  27. Thursday. To New York. Roberts� for blocks. To Heylyn�s and
with him first to a gun smiths, where we examined some of these great im-
provements in the art of homicide  �revolvers�, then to Putnams. Then to               
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