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Text for Page 100 [01-24-1861]

	Amateur Theatricals.
Bryan and three or four more, who came in,
attracted by the light in Marchant�s window, we
all went on the stage.   There, by the light of a
solitary tallow candle, which made our shadows
gigantic on the darkened house, Covert went
through the �dagger-scene� in Macbeth, Marchant
shaking the stage-thunder at the right wing.   The
amateur exhibited real ability but the thing was
unspeakably ludricous and waxed more so anon.
We �hi! hi�d!� applauded, laughed, sang,
danced Dixie and did all sorts of absurdities,
Lavine and Covert acting together, the former
doing, first the Ghost in Hamlet, with an
umbrella for truncheon, and then Richmond in
the Bosworth scene of Richard the Third.  The
thunder introduced to every scene was out of all
proportion to the text, and as it rained sharply
every now and then outside, it seemed at least
atmospherically appropriate.   Finally the actors
got into the most extraordinary dramatic jumble,
alternating fragments of Hamlet, Richard 3, Ju-
lius Caesar, the Lady of Lyons, Richelieu and
other prominent plays with all kinds of ludicrous
ind incoherence.     In one instance Covert wanted
Shakspere�s Hamlet, Lavine responding, as Ghost,
in a doggerel comic song; in another there was               
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