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Text for Page 102 [01-24-1861]

	   A Row in a Brothel.
Covert went to sleep in the box and was very used
up indeed, insomuch that he resented the waiter�s
demanding the amount of the bill and I paid it.
I saw him very nearly home subsequently, and
lost my way in the dead-silent streets of Char-
leston returning.   Found W. Waud in his room,
late as it was, he having just got back
from a bal-masque, at �Alice Ashley�s,� a �fash-
ionable� Charleston courtesan�s, where a large pro-
portion of the �chivalry� had been present, and
where a fight had occurred, in consequence of
one of the young bloods striking a prostitute; on
which provocation all the women pitched into
the offender and mauled him frightfully, until
the head-bawd rescued him, plunging into the
crowd and knocking her boarders to the right
and left like nine-pins.      This same woman,
I heard subsequently, sent a barrel of whiskey
as a present to one of the companies, quartered
on one of the islands.        Abed by 2.
  25.  Friday.  Very wet.   In doors, writing
to the �Post� and other matters all day; W. Waud
in his room, also, much of the time.    Turned out
on my usual errand at 8 �, into the drenching
black night, mailed letter, looked into �Courier�
Office, stayed an hour, then returned to hotel,               
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