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Text for Page 104 [01-25-1861]

           Louisiana �out of the Union.�
out of sorts and damp.     After supper, Car-
lyle came in, drank with him; introduced
to a Mr Sage, a Connecticut man by birth,
a Southerner by adoption and sentiment � of
course ultra, being born north.    He had been
in England, knew Forrester (Alfred Crowquill)
and believed that he had met me there!   Talk
with him.         Abed by midnight.
  26.  Saturday.        Wrote to Boweryem and to
Haney.     Day clearing up, becoming warm, close
and sunny, I went to the Post-office, there
meeting Lavine.   Returned called at Covert�s
store.     Dinner.   Loafing in the hall afterwards,
found Speck and two of his corps; drank
with them, of course.     Speck hurried off to
return to Sullivan�s Island by the 4 o�clock
boat.     To room, reading.   At 5, a cannon-
shot from �Old Secession� announced the news
of Louisiana�s being �out of the Union.�    Mar-
chant at tea; talking and loafing with him.
Lindsay came in, just returned from Savan-
nah.     (As W. Waud and I conjectured, some
of the arms seized in New York belonged to him.)
He had been to Woodward�s house, reported him
keeping his bed, still sick, though now not dan-
gerously so.        Met Odenheimer, one of my Ma-               
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