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Text for Page 106 [01-27-1861]

	In Fort Moultrie again.
layed till noon.     Returning, I was introdu-
ced to some acquaintances of Waud�s, with whom
he had spent much of his leisure � id est nine-
tenths of his time.     These were a Mr. Babbage,
an Englishman of ten years Southern experience,
and nephew to the inventor of the calculating ma-
chine; a Mr Murdoch, a Carolinian and a
young fellow named Pancknin, appertaining to
a chemist-store next door to the residence of the
others, on Meeting Street, and son to their land-
lord.      The two first were very agreable, intel-
ligent fellows, Babbage very British in every-
thing, Murdoch a member of the Marion Artil-
lery, whose uniform he wore, being bound for Cas-
tle Pinckney.       After a brief visit to their rooms,
we started and in due time arrived at Sul-
livan�s Island.    Preferring the sea shore to
the equally sandy but drier road through the
village, we walked to Fort Moultrie, into
which Waud and I were admitted by an
order from Major Ripley, the others by some
officer of their acquaintance.   A great change
was perceptible since my last visit.    The guns
were all mounted, the spaces between the em-
brasures filled with huge piles of sand-bags, fa-
ced with palmetto logs.      The bags were so               
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