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Text for Page 107 [01-27-1861]

	      A Steamer Aground.
plentiful throughout the interior as to be absurd-
ly but irresistibly suggestive of bedding.  We met
Ripley there and Mixer our landlord´┐Żs son; 
the place seemed populous with visitors.  Quitting
the fort, we pursued our ramble.       Just beyond
the steamer Columbia, of the Charleston and New
York line lay apparently hopelessly aground.   While
men were lightening her of her cargo of cotton bales
and others standing round a poor fellow stretched
on his back on the sand, in a fit, W. Waud
made a sketch of the vessel and we then resum-
ed our walk, which lay for the better part of a
mile along the sand, past villas and hotels,
ordinarily deserted         at this time of the

Big guns at Fort Moultrie.               
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