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Text for Page 109 [01-27-1861]

	Sunset on Sullivan�s Island.
That of the Richland Rifles was a good, ser-
viceable one, consisting of a dark-gray hunting-
frock, plaited on the breast and belted, with
trousers to match.    These fellows were mostly
young men, of good position and family, many
of them wealthy in land and slaves.      Returning
to quarters, Waud and Babbage determined to
accept Captain Miller�s hospitality for the night,
so young Pancknin and I set off over the sand,
with our faces towards Charleston,
with such success as to witness the 6 o�clock
ferry-boat steam off, just as we arrived in sight
of the pier.    Incontinently we tramped back
again.   The day had been fresh, cold and sun-
ny, the evening retained its character, looking 
very picturesque and deserted, with the red sun-
set streaming down its sandy lanes and over
the ocean, whose melancholy swash made mono-
tonous music as we toiled over the sand-hills.  An
old Irishwoman half accompanied, half-followed
us, I think for the protection of our company
(for there were stories that some of the troops had
been behaving badly to the poorer population) or
for love of gossip.        She told me that she had
lived in the island for twenty years, that she
once paid only $3 a year rent, that her hus-               
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