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Text for Page 110 [01-27-1861]

	Captain Dan Miller
band had helped to build Fort Sumter, that
nearly all the other cottagers on the island had
left their abodes for the city, dreading that can-
non balls might render such shanties dangerous
places of habitation.   Presently she left us, at
a melancholy looking road-side house, with a
pool of water in front of it.      We encountered
a sentry at the rear of the Moultrie House
who bade us stand, halloed a good deal for
the Corporal of the Guard and told us if he
didn�t come in a minute, he�d let us pass on
his own responsibility.    But the Corporal appear-
ed and accorded permission.     Further on, on
the darkening sand we passed another with
even less demur.   Upstairs in Captain
Dan Miller�s room, we found our friends and
presently adjourned down-stairs to supper,
in a queer sort of hall, open at one end, down
which a sufficiently long table extended.  The
captain presided and the corps showed very
pleasantly, their goodwill and hospitality to us
their guests appearing conspicuous.    Up stairs
again, where I, being tired, lay down un-
booted on a buffalo-skin on the Captain�s bed
and dozed for an hour.        Anon out with
Miller for a walk, visiting the different villas               
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