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Text for Page 112 [01-27-1861]

	Carousing and Bed.
to our quarters and found a dozen or so, among
them Waud and Babbage, similarly occupied,
and after another visit to the refectory, joined
them.   Songs were sung, both comic and serious,
cigars smoked and whiskey drank, a certain
sergeant or corporal England especially distin-
guishing himself vocally, performing at the top
of his voice and with a good deal of humor.   At
about midnight, after an uproarous and uni-
versal �Dixie,� I, the Captain, and a portly,
bald-headed old boy whom they called Major
went upstairs to bed, though the rest kept up
  28.  Monday}       their revelry for at least an
hour later as I judged from the uproar below.
  It was a clear moonlight night, I lay close
against the uncurtained window, looking out
on the sand and the sea, and partly from
having anticipated my legitimate slumber, partly
from the novelty of my position, I kept as
wide-awake as a hare, thinking of innumera-
ble things past and present, all sorts of remi-
niscences and fancies besetting me to an extra-
ordinary degree � fifty such books as this would
not contain them.      I thought of life and death;
of the moonlight, the sand and the sea; of gli-
ding along that shore after death a strangely               
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