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Text for Page 113 [01-28-1861]

	Wakeful Thoughts.
tranquil spirit; of England, Charley�s home
at Chigwell; of Chacombe as I last saw it in
its winter aspect; of Hannah; of Sally Ed-
wards and our summer rides at Grafton Centre;
of that girl�s future (Sally ran in my head a
good deal, this night); of Mary Bilton and
old wooing-days, some particulars of which recur-
red to me with startling distinctness; of my pretty
cousin, Annie Mitchell, and how her destiny has
taken her to the other side of the round world; of
Neithrop days in my extreme youth, of romances
read and loved then � the particular look of passa-
ges and cuts in them � of my mother; poor
Greatbatch�s life and death, of Joe, and ten
thousand things besides.   Meantime my bed-fellow,
honest Dan Miller, kept up the most prodigious
snoring I ever listened to, the �Major� bearing a
stiff burden to it.      Just before day-break, I
got an hour�s sleep, when the sun uprose oppo-
site my window, a broad disc of flame tipping
the laughing waters of the restless Atlantic with 
ruddy gold and calling all things to exult in the
glory of existence.       Descending to a tremendous
breakfast, after that and a smoke, I with W.
Waud, Babbage and Pancknin returned to the
city, finding Speck aboard the ferry-boat, of               
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