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Text for Page 116 [01-28-1861]

	Stedman�s Adultery.
  I must have got a letter from Boweryem this
day, as I find one dated Jan 25.  It informs
me that my letters bore the appearance of having
been opened, advising me to send others through
the Consul (which I didn�t do subsequently) and
affords some gossip.       Stedman has sent his
wife to the wintry Phalanx on plea of economy,
as his and other of the World�s salaries have
been reduced.      His mistress comes to see him
at the office; they rendezvous at the foot of
the stairs; the shameful intimacy is joked about
by Bangs and young McElrath (not my
Lake Superior acquaintance) Stedman
being vain of it.      Weston, Boweryem�s em-
ployer, who knows the Dunns has written a
note of warning to the mother of the girl.
  The Kinne�s have left 132 Bleecker,
being $200 in Mrs Boley�s debt, the man using
every artifice to escape without leaving his watch
and some trusses (!) in pawn.                  I find
also a letter from Jack Edwards dated Jan
24.     He tells of the receipt of mine, says that
the girls are �entertaining Mr Nicholas� as he
writes.   They have �been dissipating to an alarming
extent lately;� Jack took Eliza to a select
Soiree Dansante t�other night, and both her and               
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