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Text for Page 117 [01-28-1861]

	A Letter from Jack Edwards.

[newspaper clipping continued: first column]
and that he wished to substantiate it, is a gallant
gentleman, the proprietor of the Evening News, who
has been engaged as principal or second in several
duels, and is popularly known as �fighting Jack.�
  We fired �Old Secession,� and performed the re-
quisite amount of exultation on Saturday, in honor 
of that of Louisiana, which was confidently an-
ticipated.  To-day the state is chagrined at the
news of the reinforcement of the fortresses of
Virginia, and not indisposed to a ventilation of
ancient grudges against the �mother of statesmen.�
The Mercury, always inimical to her, has begun to 
improve the opportunity.  Here is a communication
which appeared in that paper of to-day:
�To the Editor of the Mercury:
  �To correct certain rumors that have gained cir-
culation in reference to my discharge from the em-
ploy of Walter Hovey, paint, oil and glass store,
No. 137 East Bay, you will please publish the fol-

[newspaper clipping continued: second column]
lowing facts:
  �Being a member of a volunteer company, (the
Carolina Light Infantry,) and having been ordered
on duty at Castle Pinckney, some time since,
after an absence of fourteen days I returned and
resumed my duties as clerk, and continued to do so
until a few days since, when, to my surprise, I
found that he (Hovey) said that he would make a 
deduction in my salary for fourteen days� absence.
I objected to it, whereupon I received my dis-
charge.			Yours, respectfully,
			     �JACOB F. MINTZING.�
  That Walter Hovey may shut up his store forth-
with.  He will probably be waited upon by a com-
mittee of gentlemen with a requisition to leave
Charleston within a limited time.  It behooves men
of northern birth to be very careful as to their be-
havior just now.  I regret to say that many of them
adopt an affectation of ultra devotion to �southern
rights,� at once warranting suspicion and odium.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
Matty to a ball at the Academy of Music, on
tickets of Haney�s purveying.  �They come down in-
to the basement,� writes Jack, �to exhibit themselves;
father, mother, Sallie, Haney and Jim gazed at
them with admiration and they did look very pretty.
We were at the ball from 9 � till 2� and the
girls had the bottoms of their dresses torn to tatters.
They voted a party in the basement a much plea-
santer affair on their return.        Jack is interrupt-
ed in writing by Jim and Fanny Fern,"and, 
what do you think?  F. F. would enter and de-
part by the basement, being very condescending.
Young Reese went to Macon Ga. and has
returned.   He bored the girls one evening by bring-
ing a copy of Young�s Night Thoughts and reading
aloud to them. �Of course� adds Jack �he is a
Secessionist.�   Knudsen is �getting gay  x  x  We
went with him to see Rarey on Saturday after               
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