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Text for Page 139 [07-18-1851]

              I think he�d not fancy me overwise for my long dream of love, � now past.
He�d think kindly of me.  ([words crossed out]
[words crossed out]. 						/ ^|How| would
George feel.     I�ve a sort of impatient tenderness for George. /  He once said a
thing which at once pleased and pained me to the heart.     It was in criticizing the
first Chapter of my perhaps-some-day-to-be-completed story [words crossed out]
[word crossed out], wherein, as far as may be I tried to pourtray the girl I loved.   Said
George, (unknowing he was commenting on aught but the book) �She don�t love 
him,� � and condemned the lover; took part with ^|her| [words crossed out] /   I think
George would understand me.     And so would Boutcher � (he never professed
much [unclear word] I think he�d prove true metal on that very account.             As to all
the commonplace people spoken of, they�d flay me alive if they could.   Scarce any
thing so vindictive as hurt vanity of little minds.  /     Now I think I�ll put
out the light and try sleeping.  Rest therefore Oh! paper friend for this time.
  19. Saturday. Drawing during the forenoon, when I completed my picture. In
the afternoon, with Fagan to his store, and then to the little dock by Atlantic Street,
and crossed to Governers Island.   Barth and Georgii playing the guitar.  An hour
after sunset, the day which had been lowering and hot terminated in a terribly mag-
nificent storm of thunder, lightning and rain,  all Nature in uproar. Sucessive
blue, lurid levin-glare, momentarily, loud-reververating, rattling dashing rolling-
and-through heaven�s antechambers thunder, and rain as though prelude to a deluge
even as though contending elements would have torn the stedfast earth from her axle, 
sent all to wrack.            Talked awhile, then read the storm scene in Lear.  Bed
about an hour after midnight.
  20. Sunday. Out witnessing the performance of band, then to the little Church 
of which I commenced a sketch.   Shower bath after dinner.   At sunset, with Barth,
at his suggestion to Castle Garden Concert. Dull at first, but entertaining anon. A
certain Krollman�s first night�s violin performance the event of the evening. Parted with               
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