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Text for Page 118 [01-28-1861]

      Boutcher Married.  Also Mrs. Ann Bezly.
noon.   But it�s half-past ten and I must
draw the beer and cut up some bread-and-cheese,�
and so, with a hearty Good night, honest Jack
finishes his letter.          I discover that I have
omitted mention of letters from home; from my
mother and Rosa,     bearing the date
of December 6.    From them I learn that Bellew
has called on Boutcher and Clarke, that Bob
Gun visited my brother Charley,x in Paternoster Row,
that my mother has written a long letter to Mary
Anne, that the weather is wet, that little in-
timacy exists between Rodney Buildings and Chig-
well, that Boutcher is married to a �very nice-
looking young lady with a nice fortune of about
two or three thousand pounds� � inclosing the

[newspaper clipping]
  On the 29th ult, at St. Saviour�s Church, Paddington Wm.
Boutcher, Esq., of Kensington-park-terrace North, to Eliza,
third daughter of the late G. W. Melliship, Esq., of Maidavale.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
That Mrs. Ann Bezly is married to �old
John Drinkwater of the White Lion Inn, Ban-
bury,� after just a year�s widowhood.  �I should
have thought,� adds my mother, �she had had
enough of old men.   They were married at
Drayton and live on a farm near Wroxton
  x Cahill was outside.  He wouldn�t go in.               
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