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Text for Page 119 [01-28-1861]

	 Charleston Arsenal.
  29.  Tuesday.   To Express Office; Lind-
say there, anon old Coste.   Wrote a letter
to Boweryem about business and miscellaneous
matters, giving up room at 132 Bleecker Street.
(I had got savage about getting no letters or re-
cognition from the �Post,� inasmuch as I was
working almost in the dark, not knowing whether
my communications were received, and not pos-
sessing money enough to discharge my hotel-bill;
had written an urgent statement of my position
in milk, as agreed upon, tho so that it would
be invisible until exposed to a fire.)  Down-town
to post-office; met Carlyle.    With him for a
walk, intending a visit to Morris� mill, but not
getting farther than the Arsenal.     The day lovely,
sunny, but with a delicious breeze; it resemb-
led the latter end of an English May.     At the
Arsenal we found the newly-decided upon flag
of South Carolina flying � a white palmetto
tree and crescent on a deep blue ground,
a crescent moon in the corner, the horns dis-
posed incorrectly, to Carlyle�s regret, for
they were turned inwards instead of upwards,
and the moon represented as altogether too               
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