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Text for Page 120 [01-29-1861]

	  Secession Flags.

[Gunn�s sketch of flag and printed image]

big.    The tall editor was quite anxious that
this error should be remedied, so that it should
be the first flag of the �independent state of South
Carolina.�  He talked, too, to me, of issuing some
Southern coin, in token of the Confederate States
assuming all the rights of sovereignty.    Indeed his
ingenuous delight and profound faith in what
he considered the triumphant accomplishment and
vindication of Southern nationality affected me,
even then, with a sort of pity and dread of what
might come.     The Arsenal grounds looked
very pleasant in the sunlight.     We met three
officers in command, who invited us into the
room where Major Humphrey (now hunting
in the everglades of Florida) had entertained
us, and did the like, giving us a collation
with wine, ale and spirits.   It was on this
and not on the former occasion that the old               
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