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Text for Page 121 [01-29-1861]

	The Floating Battery.
negro described on page 4 of this volume ap-
peared; their similarity induced the error.   At
4 P. M. we turned out to see some very mis-
cellaneously dressed recruits drilled in an inner
square.         About 5 we left, parting at Coming
Street.            Joined Waud at the supper-table.
Out together afterwards, to a newsvendor�s, to
the Express Office, and to the Pavilion Hotel,
to which Lindsay had moved from the Charles-
ton, in company with an adopted sister, who
joined him at Savannah. (?)   We found them in
a neat room with a cheery fire, played euchre,
smoked cigars and drank whiskey.   She appear-
ed a pleasant Newhaven girl, entirely new, to
the South, friendly and vivacious.x  At 10 � we
returned to our hotel and to bed.
  30.  Wednesday.   With Marchant to the foot
of Hazel Street to see the floating Battery there
constructing for the projected attack on Fort Sum-
ter.       A bright, sunny, cool day, negroes and
carpenters at work.       Surveyed the work, visit-
ed a cotton press in operation returned to hotel
and wrote a letter to the Post.        I was turning
out as usual to mail it, having not a minute
to spare, when just as I was diving down Hayne
Street, at the hotel corner, Carlyle saw me and
    x She was his mistress, another man�s wife, according to W. Waud.               
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