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Text for Page 124 [01-31-1861]

	Sale of Slaves.
  31. Thursday.   With Marchant to his
theatre, where I loafed for half an hour in
his �manager�s room� until he was ready
to accompany me to a Slave Auction, the
announcement of which I had seen in the
Mercury, printed on the other side of
a corner containing a
�Sonnet addressed to
the honorable R. B.
Rhett, by a daughter 
of the Republic of
South Carolina,� which
commences thus:

[newspaper clipping]
    A Valuable Bricklayer and Field Hands.
Will be sold at the Mart, in Chalmers street, TO-MOR-
  ROW, the 31st inst., at 11 o�clock, the following NEGROS,
  at the risk of the former purchaser, he having failed to
  comply with terms.
     ISAAC, aged about 20, a valuable Bricklayer.
     PRINCE, aged about 24, a Mill and Field Hand.
     MAY, aged about 27, a Mill and Field Hand.
Conditions cash.		jan 25		January 30

[Gunn�s diary continued]
  �Rejoicing in our freedom, it is meet &c!�
The morning was a lovely one, the day sunny
but deliciously cool.   Chalmers street runs
transversely from Meeting to the river side
or to East Bay.    I had noticed before a sign
board with �Slaves for Sale by R. M. Owings�
on it, on the other side of the way from the
Auction Mart, which was next door to a buil-
ding occupied by a fire-company.
the public were informed that
business was to be done by the customary red
flag, besides which a post with a
large gilt star on its summit indicated the               
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