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Text for Page 125 [01-31-1861]

	The Auction-Mart.
locality, as also the word �Mart� above the arch-
way, over a gate of ornamental
iron work.  The interior was a longish cool
room, with yellow-washed walls and a white-
washed roof, lit on one side by an open arch-
way near the ceiling, and on the other by a
square aperture at the farther end, where the
side wall did not reach the rear one
by four or five feet at the top, affording a
glimpse of bright blue sky and the spire of the
church in front of which Calhoun lies buried.
Through an arched doorway in the rear could be
seen a portion of a yard which, as Marchant
remarked, had a very King�s Bench aspect.  Some
negro men and children were playing there.   The
auction hall had two long low benches or tables pla-
ced against the wall on the left side, with steps
between them and at the further end, for the
purpose of ascent.   Opposite there was a narrower
bench running from front to rear on an elevation
of two steps, for the accommodation of the public.
From twenty to thirty persons had assembled,
generally respectable-looking business men, attired
after the conventional Charleston fashion in black,
with a minority of home-spun clad country men.
The sale was in progress when we entered, �Isaac�               
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