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Text for Page 127 [01-31-1861]

	     Also two Others
mounted the stand.    He was a tallish, thin
negro, prepossessing and mild in aspect, and
induced more competition than his predecessor.
When the auctioneer�s pencil struck the copy-book,
in sign of effected sale, it was presently to put
down the sum of $865, as the price obtained.
Then �May� was bidden to step up.   He looked
a �boy� in the English sense of the word, and the
auctioneer commended him as a carpenter; �he
says he can build a house,� said he.          One
bidder, a youngish man, told May to come to 
and questioned him.     Many of the spectators
left after the sale of �Prince;� Marchant had
done so before, in consequence of his nose bleeding.
May was presently sold for $960, and we
all trooped forth into the cool, sunny morning.
Everything transpired in a matter-of-fact, busi-
ness manner, the reverse of melodramatic, but
the thing was painful to witness nevertheless, the
bare fact of the undisguised sale of a human beings 
could not be other than shocking to one�s sym-
pathies and convictions.    I strolled about awhile,
thought how Prince�s docile appealing face would
have affected Charles Lamb, then went to the
Express Office, where I got a brief note from
Henderson, the treasurer of the Evening Post, con-               
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