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Text for Page 128 [01-31-1861]

	Babbage and His Friends.
taining $45.    To hotel.    Wrote off acknowled-
gement of the receipt of money, a note to Ha-
ney and paid $60 of my hotel-bill on ac-
count.    Out after dinner for an hour at the
Express Office; Lindsay, Marchant and others
there.   Down town to the Post-office and
Courier sanctum.       To the Mercury office �
nobody there.    A military company passed, the
band playing the ever-popular Marseillaise.
Met Carlyle in Meeting Street.     To hotel.
Loafing, smoking and talking with Sage till
10.      After supper W. Waud appeared with
Babbage, and at the suggestion of the latter
we adjourned to his lodgings where in company
with a hearty Frenchman named Jouane who
resides there (being one of a bachelor jut junta,
of which Babbage is the head) we had toddies
and cigars.        To hotel and bed by midnight.
  I find a letter from Boweryem Haney, da-
ted Jan 28.    He mentions the receipt of photo-
graphs, that he has lent some at $1 each to the
Illustrated News, that times are hard to in
New York, that Jim Parton is busy on his life
of Franklin, �the girls (at 745) g lively and
gay, going to soirees and balls with great
fluency under convoy of Jack who will be 21               
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