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Text for Page 129 [01-31-1861]

	Hard Times in New York.
on the sixth of next month, when we shall have
a little flare in honor of the occasion.�


  1.  Friday.   With Waud to the Floating Battery,
of which he did not make a sketch, drawing it
from memory (badly) on his return to the hotel.
To Quinby�s the photographers in King Street to-
gether.     In our rooms at work.        At 2 � Bab-
bage and Jouane dined with us, and before
we had concluded our meal, honest Captain Dan Miller
and Sergeant England appeared at another table.
I saw Speck in the hall afterwards.   To my
room writing article to accompany Waud�s sket-
ches of our visit to the Richland Rifles.     After
dinner got letters from Boweryem, one under
the pseudonym of Leonora, which he had used
on a former occasion, writing amusing femininity
appropriate to it.      From him I learnt that my
invisible letter had arrived in safety, that there
are hard times in New York, �stagnation stagger-
ing belief,� that the World salaries are all cut
down, that there�s a report that it is in the
market, that Stockton edits the Century which               
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